Flexible data transformation without coding

Streamline workflow with straight-through processing

Moving and transforming data is the backbone of the Theorem platform, so we decided to make this functionality available to clients who want to make their own customized workflows.  The STP system allows for the building of user-defined data files or messages that can be sent from a variety of locations:

  • Theorem Modules
  • External Client Files
  • Message Gateways

New Data Format - No Problem

Building a straight-through-process workflow often requires changes as the source and target connection points change. Theorem’s powerful transformation matrix insures that new data formats can be supported without the risk of down-time or client side code build.

Add Destinations Without Adding Cost

Data Miller doesn’t limit the amount of connections that can be made or require anything additional to start sending data to new locations. Simply plug in the new connection information and start sending files and data immediately. No one off requests, customer service queues, or on-boarding time required.

Linking Multiple Systems Together

The Power of The Theorem Platform

The Data Miller module allows external client files to become part of a data workflow that incorporates other Theorem modules such as Matching, Allocation, or Reporting. Clients can also build independent workflows that automatically move any file from any location to any other location in a different format.

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