Turn data into actionable information

Monitor trading activity. Issue alerts.

Most reporting systems produce large amounts of data, but extracting the relevant information can be difficult and time consuming. Theorem Notifications serves as a hub to monitor specific aspects of trading activity. The exception-based engine issues alerts based on user specified rules. Track dozens of dimensions, such as:

  • P&L
  • Volume
  • Margin

  • Cash Activity
  • Completed Matches
  • And Others

Flexible, Exception Based Alerts

Event-based email alerts and reports.

Apply rules to a single account or a portfolio of accounts.

Delegate alerts to different users for acknowledgement.

Customizable Rules

Sizable and growing library of preset rules

Select and define single or multiple thresholds

Set one-time or recurring notifications.

Notifications + Reporting

The Power of The Theorem Platform

Implementing controls is easier than ever with Theorem. Need to monitor investment guidelines, sectors traded or cash activity? Leverage the data from Theorem’s Reporting along with configurable rules in the Notifications module to send email alerts to members of your team. Theorem will require and document acknowledgement of the alerts to help complete the control process.

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