Theorem Insights:

Five Common Challenges Emerging Managers Underestimate

The good news about these challenges is that if you have them, it likely means you are growing.  The bad news is that these problems, if unchecked can delay your rate of growth or in extreme cases can even prevent it altogether.  As part of our Insights series the Theorem team has provided detailed overview of five common challenges and ways to avoid them some of the common problems they cause.

You can find a quick summary below and you can use the following link to download the full article.

Common Challenges

  1. Average Pricing Can Get Difficult – Quickly
  2. Trade Flow Isn’t Just an Investor Requirement Anymore
  3. The Fine Print on “Straight Through Processing”
  4. Cyber-Security Can’t be Outsourced
  5. Catching Trade Breaks Doesn’t Mean What it Used To

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  1. Think about trade flow early in the process
  2. Don’t take Average Pricing for granted
  3. Select your vendors with growth in mind
  4. Make your organization think about security every day
  5. Smart procedures beat more procedures


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