Create allocation instructions interactively or automatically with full transparency

Allocating trades can be a time consuming process leading to breaks and delays.

The Theorem Allocation solution facilitates a more controlled, transparent, and automated process by connecting to your execution accounts and delivering instructions automatically. Theorem can connect to virtually any broker and and can ingest trade capture from executing brokers, trade files or via manual entry.


  • Seamless integration with execution and clearing brokers.
  • Ability to select percentage or quantity-based instructions.
  • Change account percentages with immediate effect or for future allocations.
  • Best fit algorithm complements traditional allocation methodologies.
  • Create or change workflows on the fly without on-boarding time.


A Feature Set for Complex Scenarios

Set percentage or quantity-based allocations.

Account for exceptions 
such as odd lots or change in trading levels.

Low/high, high/low, average price, and best fit.


Instructions That Fit Your Process

Issue one or multiple sets of standing instructions.

Allocate trades individually or all-at-once.

Review allocations before submitting to brokers.


Allocations + Matching

The Power of Theorem

Your allocations are complete and instructions have been transmitted but how do you ensure they were received and implemented properly? By leveraging the power of Theorem’s Matching module to automatically begin matching your allocation instructions with back-office data from your clearing brokers. For an additional layer of control leverage the Notifications module to be alerted when the allocation match is complete!

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