Better Post-Trade Management

A suite of cloud-based tools that reduce risk, save time and adapt to change

Theorem is an online portal for middle-to-back office straight-through solutions.

Theorem is a suite of online products offering middle-to-back office solutions including reporting, analytics, trade flow, automation, reconciliation, aggregation, data transformation, and straight-through processing.

Utilizing a high performance data store, Theorem can consolidate Futures, FX, and other trading data across multiple counterparties thereby enabling clients to manage a multi-broker environment and diversify their exposure without significant incremental cost per broker.

Unparalleled Flexibility

The Theorem platform is delivered via a Software as a Service Model (“SaaS”) with the core belief that no coding should be required to on-board clients or meet their on-going needs. From establishing new broker relationships to creating new allocation instructions to building trade reconciliations on the fly, Theorem adapts without the need to involve I/T teams or to write new code.

Powerful Modules

Each client’s needs are different; something the Theorem team understands from decades of brokerage experience. While Theorem is a comprehensive platform for supporting the middle and back office it can also be leveraged via it’s powerful individual modules.

A Comprehensive Platform

Multiple best-in-breed technology solutions delivered via an integrated framework.


Create allocation instructions interactively or automatically with full transparency.


Reconcile any trading data quickly and flexibly with minimal on-boarding time.


Turn data into actionable information.


Transparency for all your brokerage accounts in one place.

Data Miller

On the fly transformations for straight-through processing


Advanced data security and roles based permissions.

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Two-Factor authentication and routine penetration testing.

User Access

User defined security policies and local administration of user access.


Hosting and disaster recover by a leading technology provider.